Media Research & Media Planning

Using resources and expertise, our team collects and analyzes data and market research prior to putting together any media plan.  Based on the findings of our research, every client at DZ Advertising receives a fully customized media plan to determine the best combination of media to achieve the marketing campaign objectives.

Traditional & Digital Media Buying

Media buying is an art, and at DZ Advertising, we’ve mastered it. We know which channels are effective for which audiences. We’ve built relationships with media vendors and when we sit down to negotiate, we have one goal – to get you best return on your investment.  We have experience planning and purchasing traditional media campaigns using Broadcast TV, Cable TV, Radio, Pandora, Spotify, Outdoor, and Print.

Programmatic Marketing

We streamline the media buying process with our in-house full programmatic platform to eliminate waste, improve targeting, and put your ads in front of the right audience on any device. Programmatic media includes display banner advertising, online video, native advertising, mobile and rich-media formats.

Paid Social Media

Social media is a powerful marketing tool that can connect you with your target audience through advertising, content and customer conversation. DZ Advertising brings your brand personality to life through paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, to name a few. Using ads in social media requires nuanced targeting and measurement. We cover all the bases.

Paid Search / Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

The sophistication of search engine marketing continues to increase every year, as does the complexity. Thousands of keywords and advertising assets across Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Various campaign types. Mobile search and location targeting. Automated bidding, audience segmentation, constant monitoring— there’s a lot to keep track of!  We offer campaign strategy, account set-up and implementation, full auditing capabilities, research, keyword mining and bid strategy, ad copy development, ongoing campaign management and optimization.


Wondering how a specific digital strategy is performing inside of one of your campaigns?  How about performance by a particular creative?  We have real-time reporting available for you to analyze.

Post Buy Analysis

Every traditional media campaign is audited on a monthly and quarterly basis for correctness.  This means, at the end of the flight, all invoices are matched to what was ordered.  Any discrepancies will become makegoods or credits negotiated by DZ Advertising.


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